Caddy Hire Scotland – Professional golf caddy services recommends CaddyHire Scotland for personal, professional caddy assistance. Caddyhire Scotland provides golf caddy’s to professional, corporate and amatuer golfers at selected locations in Scotland and for all major events (All Scottish locations). Ask if the course you are playing at is covered! Visit to book a caddy, ask for more information or read about services offered. Below: […]

Aviemore and Cairngorm Golf Pass

The Cairngorms Golf Pass is your personal invitation to experience any or all of the twelve golf courses in the Cairngorms National Park. It allows you to play on any of the twelve unique range of golf courses with the stunning natural backdrop of the Cairngorm Mountains. The pass is available at all twelve of […]

Highland Aviation Flying School Inverness Airport

Highland Aviation flying school is run by enthusiastic staff and patient instructors who all hold full commercial licences with many hundreds of hours of flying experience. The flying school is based at Inverness Airport in the Highlands of Scotland and we offer full Pilot training courses and trial flights over Loch Ness and The Great Glen as well as many other fantastic and beautiful […]

Hole In One Hitters List

Spey Valley golf course, perhaps the most scenic course in Scotland Hole in one record – Record your hole in 1 at Browse hole in 1 records from UK golfers. List your hole in 1 at Aviemore golf dot com. Please fil out as much information as possible. Problems? Email us

C – Golf dictionary and terminology

C caddie (caddy) Someone who carries a player’s club during play and offers him assistance in accordance with the rules. caddie master The golf course employee in charge of managing the caddies. caddie-car A golf car or car. Calamity Jane The name that Bobby Jones gave to his putter. Also putters modeled after his hickory-shafted blade putter can In slang, […]

Aviemore Dalfaber Spey Valley golf course information

Spey Valley golf course, perhaps the most scenic course in Scotland Spey Valley course overview Google map (Reception) Welcome to the Spey Valley Golf Course Guide, by the independent Check out course information, see the map, view photos of the Spey Valley Golf Course & More! Please note that and related website’s are not related to nor have […]

Spey Valley Golf Course News PGA European Tour Hydro Challenge- Aviemore

Spey Valley golf course, perhaps the most scenic course in Scotland has changed. Please visit our new news page Here Golfing news from the Spey Valley, Aviemore and Cairngorm national park area. Scottish Hydro Challenge 2011. Edouard Dubois wins the Scottish hydro Challenge 2011. See photos of the Scottish Hydro Challenge Here See photos of the […]