Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners Review

Women have now taken the leap of venturing into the golf arena. As an amateur player, it is quite difficult to tell whether your golf gear and equipment is the right one to use. But as you go, you learn to get upgrades that will step up your performance greatly. With the right golf clubs, you can enjoy straight hits for short or long shots. So whether you are in the search for a wood, iron, hybrid, or wedge club, you have to know the best brands to go for. To help you out, we have prepared some of the best women golf clubs for beginners in the market.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners Review

TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club

If you are looking for a hybrid golf club that is made with a design that exudes confidence, the TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club is one to look out for. It features two internally split mass pads between the toe and heel of the club for better ball speed and a subtle-shaped two-tone crown for improved aesthetic appeal. These two work well together to aid in maintaining proper alignment.

This is by far one of the golf clubs that are easy to launch and versatile as it remains an excellent choice for various types of courses. This also comes with a speed pocket that is longer for enhanced flexibility and distance while maintaining ball speed. This also has a low center of gravity to allow execution of different shots. It has a headcover included in the package. This is loved for its straights and exceptional impact with the smoothest swings.


  • Longer and improved speed pocket for flexibility and distance
  • Aesthetically built
  • Easy to launch and play for diverse golf courses
  • Facilitates proper alignment


  • Face may be prone to scratches

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

If you are looking for a versatile golf club that is a bang for the buck, the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge may be the thing that you are looking for. It features 3 unique grinds to perfectly suit every shot and swing you make in typically any type of course you are to play in. You can bank on its S-grind features as it offers versatility in facilitating normal, soft, or firm hits, in moderate to sweeping attack angles.

This gem also boasts of a progressive groove optimization through its MD3 Milled line. Expect to see a 3 groove package incorporated to it’s the wedges’ face for the best spin optimization and transition in each loft. This is definitely a club that you would want to try because apart from its versatility and performance, you also get to have a gear with an advanced shaping and design.


  • 3 unique grinds for all types of shots, swings, and courses
  • S-grind for versatile hits in varying angles
  • Progressive groove optimization for spins optimization and transition
  • Good backspin, bump, and run shots


  • Grip and wedge’s back may be prone to wear over time

Top-Flite 2018 XL 13-Piece Complete Set

An essential for your on-course success, the Top-Flite 2018 XL 13-Piece Complete Set is perfect for you. It is equipped with an oversized, 460c Ti composite driver that has a low/back CG placement to provide you with straight and exceptional distance. It also has a graphite shaft that improves your club head speed while having a low center of gravity for shots that travel farther and straighter.

This is commendable as its stainless steel 4 and 5 hybrids combine solid performance and accuracy in your shots. It also has a wide sole stainless steel pitching wedge for proper perimeter weight placement and accuracy. You can bank on its mallet putter’s precision and consistency in aims and strokes. The best thing about it is that it comes with a nylon driver and 3-wood headcovers for added club protection. You also get to enjoy a lightweight 6-way divider stand golf bag for enhanced comfort, balance, and easy carrying.


  • Composite driver made to give you straight and incredible distance
  • Low-profile 3 wood for enhanced cub speed and high trajectory shots
  • Wide sole stainless steel for proper perimeter weight placement
  • Nylon driver and wood headcovers for club protection
  • Easy to carry, lightweight 6-way divider stand golf bag for storage


  • Extra caution needed for the head during use

Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set

The Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set is incredible in terms of making as it comes with anti-glare PVD finishes, graphite shafts with tip-reinforcement, and premium grade materials. Made to deliver incredible distance, this utilizes lightweight parts combined with amazing technology. It is also equipped with a low center of gravity heads to enhance trajectory and distance.

For precision, you can be sure that its technology positions mass low and back to guarantee you straighter and more accurate shots. Its perimeter-weighted hot iron face enables better shots even for off-center hits. You can also bank on your grip and impact with this one because it comes with an offset face design and soft putter grip to give you the best putts.

Overall, we can say that this comes with everything you need. From premium clubs to matching head covers, and a functional ergonomic carry bag that promises convenience and comfort for your games.


  • Driver with black PVD finish and anti-glare feature
  • Good trajectory and distance
  • Offset face design and soft putter grip for better hand grip and impact
  • Ergonomic carry bag for comfort and easy storage


  • Black face and head are easily scuffed up during use


There is nothing more frustrating than knowing how to play, but not getting it right because of bad equipment. If you have grown to love golfing and have decided to make it a part of your routine, then it is ideal to get a gear that will step up your game. But of course, make sure to get one that gives you the value for money. So feel free to read our reviews on top-rated golf clubs in the market. Who knows? You may just be able to come across your next set.

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Festive Aviemore – Cairngorm bus timetable

Revised Festive service between Aviemore and Cairngorm
The service below will operate daily from Sunday 26 December 2010 until Sunday 09 January 2011 inclusive
Service No. 31
Aviemore Dalfaber 0635 0655 0715 0735 0755 0815 0835 0855 0915 0935 0955 1015 1115
Aviemore Railway Station 0640 0700 0720 0740 0800 0820 0840 0900 0920 0940 1000 1020 1120
Aviemore Highland Resort 0645 0705 0725 0745 0805 0825 0845 0905 0925 0945 1005 1025 1125
Coylumbridge 0652 0712 0732 0752 0812 0832 0852 0912 0932 0952 1012 1032 1132
Glenmore 0659 0719 0739 0759 0819 0839 0859 0919 0939 0959 1019 1039 1139
CairnGorm Mountain Car Park 0712 0732 0752 0812 0832 0852 0912 0932 0952 1012 1032 1052 1152
Service No. 31
Aviemore Dalfaber 1215 1315 1415 1515 1535 1545 1605 1625 1705 1725
Aviemore Railway Station 1220 1320 1420 1520 1540 1550 1610 1630 1710 1730
Aviemore Highland Resort 1225 1325 1425 1525 1545 1555 1615 1635 1715 1735
Coylumbridge 1232 1332 1432 1532 1552 1602 1622 1642 1722 1742
Glenmore 1239 1339 1439 1539 1559 1609 1629 1649 1729 1749
CairnGorm Mountain Car Park 1252 1352 1452 1552 1612 1622 1642 1702 1742 1802
Service No. 31
CairnGorm Mountain Car Park 0720 0740 0800 0820 0840 0900 0920 0940 1000 1020 1040 1100 1200
Glenmore 0727 0747 0807 0827 0847 0907 0927 0947 1007 1027 1047 1107 1207
Coylumbridge 0734 0754 0814 0834 0854 0914 0934 0954 1014 1034 1054 1114 1214
Aviemore Highland Resort 0742 0802 0822 0842 0902 0922 0942 1002 1022 1042 1102 1122 1222
Aviemore opp Rail Station 0747 0807 0827 0847 0907 0927 0947 1007 1027 1047 1107 1127 1227
Aviemore Dalfaber 0752 0812 0832 0852 0912 0932 0952 1012 1032 1052 1112 1132 1232
Service No. 31
CairnGorm Mountain Car Park 1300 1400 1500 1600 1620 1630 1650 1700 1710 1810
Glenmore 1307 1407 1507 1607 1627 1637 1657 1707 1717 1817
Coylumbridge 1314 1414 1514 1614 1634 1644 1704 1714 1724 1824
Aviemore Highland Resort 1322 1422 1522 1622 1642 1652 1712 1722 1732 1832
Aviemore opp Rail Station 1327 1427 1527 1627 1647 1657 1717 1727 1737 1837
Aviemore Dalfaber 1332 1432 1532 1632 1652 1702 1722 1732 1742 1842

Aviemore and Cairngorm Golf Pass

The Cairngorms Golf Pass is your personal invitation to experience any or all of the twelve golf courses in the Cairngorms National Park. It allows you to play on any of the twelve unique range of golf courses with the stunning natural backdrop of the Cairngorm Mountains. The pass is available at all twelve of our golf courses for just £20.

It entitles you to up to 30% discount at any of these great courses valid for the year. Each course can be played once (18 holes) over the year. The Golf Pass can be purchased at any of the twelve courses. When you buy the pass you get a voucher with a reference number on it. You can buy the pass at each of the twelve courses and book your tee times over the phone with the golf pass stating the reference number on the voucher.

Highland Aviation Flying School Inverness Airport

Highland Aviation flying school is run by enthusiastic staff and patient instructors who all hold full commercial licences with many hundreds of hours of flying experience.

The flying school is based at Inverness Airport in the Highlands of Scotland and we offer full Pilot training courses and trial flights over Loch Ness and
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Highland Aviation, based at Inverness Airport, offer a comfortable clubhouse that comes fully equipped with briefing rooms, pilot shop, computers for flight planning, kitchen with complimentary tea and coffee and a lounge area to relax.

Black Isle Wildlife Park Nr Inverness Scotland

If you are interested in animals and birds or just countryside, you will enjoy a visit to this quiet corner of the Black Isle, an ideal place for all the family.

Feed the friendly ducks, geese and swans on the many ponds. Make contact with the friendly goats and stroke the cuddly rabbits. See the pot-bellied pigs, rare sheep and cattle

A tearoom and giftshop are available or you can enjoy a picnic in the play area including slides and overhead slide for children. There is a road train complete with carriages for short rides around the park.

The wildlife park is accessible by wheelchair.

Hole In One Hitters List

Spey Valley golf course, perhaps the most scenic course in Scotland
Hole in one record – Record your hole in 1 at

Browse hole in 1 records from UK golfers. List your hole in 1 at Aviemore golf dot com. Please fil out as much information as possible. Problems? Email us

C – Golf dictionary and terminology


caddie (caddy) Someone who carries a player’s club during play and offers him assistance in accordance with the rules.

caddie master The golf course employee in charge of managing the caddies.

caddie-car A golf car or car.

Calamity Jane The name that Bobby Jones gave to his putter. Also putters modeled after his hickory-shafted blade putter

can In slang, to hole a putt.

cap The top end of a club grip and shaft

card A card used to record scores in stroke play. Also, to make a record of your score.

carpet A slang term referring to the putting green or fairway.

carry The length of travel by the ball after it is hit to the place where it first hits the ground

cart A two-wheeled trolley on which a golf is fitted and pulled around the course. In some cases trolleys are battery powered. Can also refer to a golf car.

casual water Any temporary accumulations of water that are visible before or after a player takes his stance and is not a hazard or in a water hazard. A player may lift his ball from casual water without penalty

center shafted Putter in which the shaft is joined to the center of the head.

charge To surge from behind and display superior play. Also to play or putt aggressively.

chart the course Pace each hole so that you know how far you are from the green.

chili-dip To hit the ground before the ball, producing a weak lofted shot.

chip shot A short approach shot of low trajectory usually hit from near the green. It is normally hit with overspin or bite.

chip-and-run A chip shot including the run of the ball after landing. Also known as ‘bump and run’

chip in A holed chip shot.

choke To grip down farther on the club handle.

choke A slang term used to indicate a collapse under pressure

chop To hit the ball with a hacking motion

  claggy As in “I’ve got a bit of a claggy lie”. A lie that is a bit wet and muddy – of British origin – almost a claim for casual water but not quite!

claim The term used in match play to denote a protest by a player regarding a possible breach of the rules.

cleek Any one of many narrow-bladed iron clubs used for long shots through the green from the rough or sand. Another name for the # 1 iron. Also, a shallower faced lofted wooden club. Another name for the #4 wood.

closed stance The left foot extends over the balls line of flight while the right foot is back

cleat The spike on the sole of a golf shoe.

closed face When the clubface is pointed to the left of the target when you address the ball.

closed stance A stance taken with the right foot pulled back, away from the ball.

club The implement used in golf to strike the ball. Consists of a shaft, grip and a clubhead of wood or metal.

club head The hitting area of the club.

clubhouse The main building on the course.

clubhouse lawyer A self-appointed caller or arbiter of the rules

cock To bend the wrists backwards in the backswing.

collar The grassy fringe surrounding the putting green.

colorball A team game with teams of 3 or 4 players in which one player uses a colored ball. Team score comprises the score with the colored ball plus the best of the other 2 or 3 players. Players alternate holes playing with the colored ball.

come back shot The shot you make after you have overshot the hole.

committee The collective name for those in charge of a competition or a course.

compression The flattening of the ball against the clubface at impact. Also the degree of resilience of a ball.

condor A four-under par shot. A hole-in-one on a par 5 for example. Has occurred on a hole with a heavy dogleg, hard ground and no trees. Might also be called “a triple eagle”.

confusion a game in which a point is awarded to the first player of the group to get to the green, one for the players closest to the pin and one for the first player to hole out. The winner is the player with the highest number of points.

control shot A shot that is played with less than full power

core The center of the golf ball.

course The playing area which is usually made up of 9 or 18 holes with each hole having a tee off area, fairway and green

course rating The comparison of playing one course as opposed to another in terms of difficulty. It is expressed in strokes or decimal fractions of strokes. The yardage of the course and the ability of a scratch golfer are the basis for determination

crack To allow one’s good play to suffer when under pressure.

cross-bunker A lengthy bunker that is situated across the fairway.

cross-handed grip A grip where your left hand is below the right.

cup The container in the hole holds the flagstick in pace.

cuppy A deep and enclosed lie.

cut The score that reduces the field to a pre-determined number and eliminates players in a tournament. Usually made after 36 of a 72 hole tournament.

cut shot A controlled shot that results in the ball stopping almost immediately on the green without roll.

Aviemore Dalfaber Spey Valley golf course information

Spey Valley golf course, perhaps the most scenic course in Scotland
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