Spey Valley Golf Course Helipad

Macdonald Aviemore Resort and Golf facility has (And has since its construction) its own private Helipad!

Most dont know it, or are not aware, however the Spey Valley Golf Course was designed with an integrated helipad.

View gallery of the helipad here

The ultimate convenience, quite possibly. With the oncoming major Pro Golf competitions, the construction of the helipad at the Spey Valley Golf Course seems to have been a great plan.

Just for Aviemoregolf, the “Unofficial Spey Valley Golf Course infosite” I took some photos, to show anyone with dates penned in for future tournaments or for executive golfing groups, that you can fly in to the course play then stay, then fly away again (Or play again, then fly away!)

A few facts:

I understand you must arrange with Macdonald Spey Valley Resort before planning a landing. There is no refueling facility at the resort and it is not permanently manned. I understand you can get JetA/A1 from Inverness Airport (Call 01667 464000 / http://www.hial.co.uk/inverness-airport.html) or if you are traveling from the South, Perth Airport (01738 551631 / http://www.perthairport.co.uk)

Get in touch with the Spey Valley Golf team at the Aviemore Highland Resort Here. Telephone 0844 879 9152